The advantages of rubber dam

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The advantages of rubber dam


Rubber dam divided into water filling type and inflatable rubber dam two kinds.The dam filling line longer than inflatable dam filling. In terms of cost, two kinds of dam types are similar.

Rubber dam using similar to lock condition, compared with the conventional sites have the following features :

One is the low cost.30% ~ 70% can reduce the investment, can save 30% ~ 50%, and steel cement 50%, wood of more than 60%.

Second, short construction period.Dam bag just 3 days to 15 days can be installed, most of that benefit the construction of the rubber dam.

Three is the dam for the flexible soft shell structure, can withstand earthquake, such as shock waves, and stop water effect is good, big span, don’t block water flood season, can be used in the urban landscape.

Fourth, less maintenance, easy management.The service life of rubber dam bag is usually 15 to 25 years.

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